Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.

Doctor Noize Inc. is founded, fueled and supported by people who believe that kids — and the adults who belong to them — are brilliant adventurers. Doctor Noize — a father, teacher, coach, musician, writer, and ridiculous dreamer — knows kids are the most sophisticated audience in the world, their imaginative palette not yet confined in a box.

We have the audacity to believe your child’s curiosity extends beyond a simple three-minute pop song with kid-friendly lyrics in the preferred style of 35-year-olds. We know your kid has Genius within, and we feed that Genius with colorful albums of musical theater, live interactive shows, books, apps, and more. Wanna raise a nation of two-minute attention spans? Then treat your kids like that’s all they’ve got.  Wanna do something more?  Come with us.

Kids’ imaginations are like giant color swirls. We aspire to match and inspire those imaginations, keeping ourselves young in the process. We think squandering that imagination is — well, unimaginable. It’s our privilege at Doctor Noize Inc. to challenge kids to reach. Perhaps we can build a deeper creative future for our culture.

Doctor Noize Inc. has a distinctly organic vibe reflecting the spirit of its founder. Our endeavors would not be possible without our amazing Noizemakers and supporters worldwide. We spend almost no money on traditional promotion and marketing, and we don’t always have the same goals and expectations of kids as the mainstream children’s media or kindie industries. We think the combination of challenging ourselves and playing leads to inspiration, and we only build our souls to their full potential when those two are applied in conjunction with each other.

In lieu of traditional marketing, we pour most of our passion and resources into two things: (1) We make products with ridiculously high production values, quality-tested by highly-trained monkeys on the Isle of Thelonious. (2) We produce and sponsor events with Noizemakers nationwide that connect us directly to our core audience — the naive and ridiculous dreamers, kids, educators, musicians, and parents who want more from their family multimedia productions than “comfort food entertainment.” In other words — we focus on people who believe in the Genius of kids as much as we do.

If you or your organization would like to get involved with our little Noizemaker Revolution, contact us! We’d love to have you on board, and we guarantee we’ll make a positive difference together to the people who matter most — kids and their families. What’s better than that? Read on for Doctor Noize’s bio.


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