Upcoming Showz

Date City Venue
Wednesday 07/08/15 Doctor Noize in Fort Collins, CO Lincoln Center
Time: 10:30am. Doctor Noize returns to this wonderful venue in this wonderful city!
Wednesday 07/15/15 Doctor Noize in Casper, WY Verda James Elementary School
Time: 10:00am. *Private Show* Assembly show for Verda James!
Wednesday 07/15/15 Doctor Noize in Natrona County, WY Natrona County Public Library — Main Branch
Time: 1:00pm. Doctor Noize returns to Wyoming!
Wednesday 07/15/15 Doctor Noize in Natrona County, WY Natrona County Public Library — Main Branch
Time: 3:00pm. Show #2!

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Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.



  • Symphony Album!

    Production continues on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony with sessions with the Stanford Chamber Chorale and jazz great Anton Schwartz. You can still donate here!

  • Grammaropolis Sequel!

    The Doc’s been commissioned by the Mayor Of Grammaropolis to write and record a sequel to our hit Grammaropolis album.  We’ll produce the sequel this summer for release soon after!

  • Children’s Theatre Commission!

    Dr. Noize has been commissioned to write a children’s theatre work based on his first two albums and books.  It will premiere at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre in Spring 2016 !

  • Reach Studios Opens!

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Doctor Noize’s new music, fitness and teaching studio — Reach Studios!  Check out the Doc’s Dream Facility to produce music, stay fit and learn.

  • Interactive Phineas Ebook App!

    Announcing the release of our interactive ebook app, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof. Story, illustrations, animations, songs, sounds, narration, and more — for only 99 cents!


The Noizemakers Sound Off!

  • His two books – “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” and “The Return of Phineas McBoof” – and CDs are jam-packed with crazy characters, including Phineas, a cheeky monkey. “It’s a story about McBoof – based on Paul McCartney – and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses,” said Cullinan from his home in Colorado, as his two daughters, Sidney Grace, 9, and Riley Max, 7, made noise in the background. “What the band has in common is their openness to trying all kinds of music.”

    Eren Göknar

    Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)

  • Nick really likes Phineas McBoof and the music of Dr. Noize. When he sees a prop guitar… watch out! Near the end, you’ll hear his favorite 4 year old backup singer join in on the fun.

    Erik Chen

    Northern CA Noizemaker
    Watch Nick rock out here!

  • NOTEWORTHY: THE BEST IN RECENT KIDS’ CDS… Pity Phineas McBoof. Exhausted by his fame and fans, the “musical King Kong” has disappeared, and only his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses knows how to find the iconic monkey. It’s a familiar tabloid tale, as seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope rather than a paparazzo’s camera. Loaded with witty narration and some creatively impressive tunes, the CD has launched a book by the same title and a sequel is due. Recipient of a 2007 Parents’ Choice Award, it goes without saying that the album also wins the prize for best title of the year.

    Yvonne Zipp

    Christian Science Monitor