The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping recording artist, commissioned composer for stage & screen, live performer, author, hit app creator, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner & goofball.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.

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Stinky Socks In Space!

Here's a song Whitewater, WI kids wrote & recorded with Dr. Noize at a Genius Camp Workshop before a tour show -- and then performed live! Stinky Socks In Space!

Chickens!  Lightsabers!

It's the moment you've been waiting for... a song Dr. Noize wrote & recorded with Palo Alto kids at a Genius Camp Workshop about Chickens With Lightsabers!

Chipmunks Rockin'!

Dr. Noize held a Genius Camp Workshop in Denver to write and record a song with kids there. Check out the great Zeke's rap in Chipmunks Playing Rock 'N' Roll!

Symphony Shows Video!

Get a front row seat at Dr. Noize Symphony Shows at 10 venues in 5 states!  Nothing Dr. Noize does is more meaningful to him than this.  Check out the video here.

New Musical Video!

See Doctor Noize's new and colorful video on his Theatrical Musical Productions, including footage of the sold-out premiere of The Ballad of Phineas McBoofhere!

  • I have your CD and you've really managed to outdo yourself. Even the artwork catches the eye 🙂 It plays like this amazing broadway cast album, but on the level of West Side Story, in terms of scope of orchestration. I absolutely adore it.
    Austin Wintory Grammy-nominated orchestral & videogame composer
  • Join Doctor Noize and a pantheon of musical talent for one of the most imaginative family music releases you’ll ever hear.

    ThePokeyPup.com “Hip Stuff For Cool Kids (And Their Parents)”
  • Yay! When are you coming to Cincinnati? My niece will be thrilled. Don’t tell her, but she’s getting your CD for her birthday...

    Alex Sale OH Noizemaker

About to set up for a Rocky Mountain show at Keystone Resort up here today at noon. If you’re in the mountains today, come on by!

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Bohemian Nights

Come to Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins — my favorite Colorado Music (and more) Festival — tomorrow for an all-day party of food and fun. Doctor..

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