The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping recording artist, commissioned composer for stage & screen, live performer, author, hit app creator, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner & goofball.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.

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Doctor Noize is releasing 13 animated videos from his new album "Punctuate  This!", and here's the first one -- "Exclaim!"  Every sound is Dr. Noize's voice.  Enjoy!

Reach Studios

While he'll still play his favorite shows, Doctor Noize will be in the studio more and on the road less in 2018.  Here's a video why, with a sweeping Dr. Noize soundtrack.

Sleeping Beauty!

The Doc's received his biggest musical theatre commission yet -- to write both the book and score for an updated reimagining of the classic "Sleeping Beauty."

Pout-Pout Fish!

The Doc's been commissioned to write the music for a show based on the best-selling children's book The Pout-Pout Fish.  It will premiere at Dare To Dream Theatre in WI.


The Doc's received a commission to adapt his Grammaropolis album into a musical for schools nationwide with Palo Alto Children's Theatre.  Debuts in 2018-19.

  • Thanks again for sharing the Dr. Noize brand of fun with us on Saturday. I can't wait to hear the final version of Meat-eaters vs Horn-heads! The song is wonderful! Hope to see you again next summer, if not before.

    Lisa Thompson Manager of Public Programs, Utah Museum of Natural History
  • I had a pretty good idea of what your show was like from watching the videos, but it's nothing like seeing it in person. Your instincts on stage are spot on. You have an incredibly rare talent.

    Christian Lowe Doctor Noize's Illustrator Extraordinaire
  • The fundamental belief motivating Cullinan’s efforts as an untiring live performer and recording artist is that kids are the most creative, demanding, and resourceful listeners. Dumbing things down for their supposed benefit is not only boring and insulting, but misses a huge opportunity for involving young listeners in the joys of music-making, invention, and self-discovery. And like the best of “children’s” cinema, literature, and music, his work operates on several levels, pleasing, edifying, entertaining, and occasionally mystifying not just kids of all ages, but people of all ages.

    David Yearsley Cornell University Professor of Music, in Counterpunch

You know you respect my wide-palette dinner combo here at my hotel in Gilette, WY after three Doctor Noize shows in two cities and a Hammer &..

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Nathan Gunn

Check out this seriously macho picture of my friend and Doctor Noize cast member Nathan Gunn playing a concert in Central Park this week.

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