The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping recording artist, commissioned composer for stage & screen, live performer, author, hit app creator, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner & goofball.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.

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Recording Academy

Doctor Noize was elected by the industry to the Recording Academy Board of Governors — the organization best known for the Grammys.


The new album by Doctor Noize's alter ego Cory Cullinan, Soundtracks, was just released!  It features tracks from his film, TV and multimedia work.

Professor Noize???

Doctor Noize just accepted a faculty position teaching Recording Arts to college undergraduates at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Musical Theatre!

The Doc's received two new musical commissionsGrammaropolis and a modernized Sleeping Beauty — to premiere onstage in 2020 and 2021.


To focus on his two new commissions, faculty position, and an all-star family music renewable energy song, Doc plays fewer shows this fall & winter.

  • (Doctor Noize) is not afraid of taking risks.  Meticulously constructed and presented, the CD nonetheless exudes a sense of being created in the moment with unbounded humor. The album is a towering artistic achievement, that never feels weighty and reveals new secrets with each listening.

    Dr. David Yearsley Cornell Music Professor, in Counterpunch
  • I haven't had fun like today in a long time - it's SO good to be around adults who actually like to be goofy. I can't wait to keep working on this project - seriously... SO AMAZING what you are doing, the quality, fun and beauty of it is really inspiring.
    Thank you for that.

    Isabel Leonard Opera Mezzo-Soprano
  • Children in a wide range of age groups will find this app entertaining and engaging. The music videos are in many different styles, but all have catchy tunes and memorable lyrics. The characters have distinct personalities related to their focus part of speech, and they interact with one another in the imaginary world of Grammaropolis in ways that make a fun story.

    Sandra Fleming Best Apps for Kids Review

Groovy Baby

The updated schwag in the studio entry hall and window well makes everyone who comest to Reach Studios feel groovy.

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My amazing multimedia master daughter Sidney was hired to do three big jobs for my business this summer. One of them was creating a totally new..

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